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Thomas Keller Portrait

Thomas Keller

The coordinator

Olivier Magnin Portrait

Olivier Magnin

The creative one

David Keller Portrait

David Keller

The developer

Who are we?

Artigall is a platform for artists and people interested in art. Artigall offers artists the possibility to present themselves online to the whole world and to sell their works to art lovers. We are a young and dynamic team of artists and programmers.

Olivier, our artist is working on the graphic concept, while David is trying to program all the wishes and implement them in a user-friendly way. Thomas builds the bridge between fantasy and software, does the planning and keeps the overview.

What do we want?

Today there are many ways to buy art, but mostly only mass-produced in large quantities, produced by machine and sent from far away.

With Artigall we give everyone the opportunity to buy an individual work of art from a local artist, at a fair price and safely. Every artist can offer his artwork for sale online in a simple, uncomplicated and secure way.

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