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Romanesco One is a professional painter and muralist from Zurich. His art moves in the field of acrylic and wall painting. He works a lot with spray cans and stencils, but also experiments with screen printing, fluid art and other techniques. He paints walls, houses, cars, canvases and everything he can get his hands on. His pictures are often profound, colorful and playful. In his works he combines cheerful colors with subtle sadness, always paired with a lot of hope, creativity and joie de vivre. His expressionistic, naturalistic and abstract paintings can be admired in galleries and on walls at home and abroad since 2005. Since 2020 he has been represented by the x23 Gallery in Leipzig (D). In the same year he was part of the largest collective artwork in Switzerland at the \He is also part of the San Isidro art movement in Havana (Cuba). Despite these successes, he remains true to his roots and regularly organizes his own exhibitions in Zurich in his cultural venue Freilager 14 (Insta @freilager14) or sells paintings directly in his studio on Langstrasse. With the proceeds from his art, he supports art projects abroad and aid projects for the indigenous population in the Amazon. His dream is to travel through his art and meet new people and projects. He wants to make the world and his environment more colorful and positive. His imagination and his love of art are limitless. Step by step he goes his way and you will hear and see a lot more about him in the future. More information at

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